Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rewind: Rotterdam...

...but first, Tulips
I thought I would miss out on the tulip feilds in the Skagit Valley north of Seattle, but luckily I found myself in a land known for the flower! (and apparently importing from my home valley??...) A train and bus ride to Keurkenhof on a Friday afternoon. Alice in Wonderland awaited me - I didn't even make it through half the park, it was a maze! And it was aMAZing...but also exhausting. The flowers were lovely, but I almost couldn't enjoy them there were so many other distractions. Bush mazes, play structures, farm animals of all kinds, multiple lakes, food and souvenir shops, giant chess felt like every two minutes I was in a new room, themed yellow, blue, red, square, queens court, horse head portrait on and on....a river of blue flowers running through the whole thing. But I got to smell flowers, take far too many photos of flowers, sleep in the sun, and feel a little connected to my home for a few hours....I missed my sister! (:

Rotterdam Rocks:
Every time I get to this entry I am too tired to write anymore! Well, as you can tell by the title, I had a surprisingly good time in this modern city that is like a European America (or an American Europe?) with all its new buildings and shopping malls...apparently well known for its contemporary architecture as well. I learned this from the two architecture students I stayed with. They were lovely Brazilian girls studying abroad in Spain, on break for a week. So they were doing homework on break! (but actually not, just loving their subject and wanting to see it in action). We three stayed in a seven bed hostel dorm with a spiral staircase up to two of the beds! It was in the famous "cubes," so the walls were slanted at cool angles. Its a Stay Okay hostel - I recommend it, but ask to stay on the third floor, otherwise its loud and boring (I ended up on the first floor the next few nights) - vs. quiet and super cool architecture.

I have to terminate this entry now, but my week was basically: open class with Dance Works Rotterdam (whose audition is in a week), two days with Scapino ballet, one day at Dance Altiers (spelling? open class studio), watching a show by Conny Jansen Danst that evening was AMAZING, then the next day a bus trip with Dance Works Rotterdam to Nijmegen to watch their show, followed by a late night train back to Amsterdam for an audition with Compagnie Zappala Danza of Italy (probably spelled wrong). And after that the saga of not finding housing in Amsterdam on the celebratory, sunny, touristy Easter weekend....but somehow I am alive, here, and met more friends! (:

More detail to come, possibly in some weeks time as I am off to who knows where!!!

Check out my Berlin photos on facebook - more coming!

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