Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm Behind...So a bit more on London, and where I'm off to next: Paris & Switzerland

I know, I'm behind on my blog! (Yes Lori, I heard this from you through the grapevine, i.e., my mother...) (:

It is my last evening in London. I've spent just over a week here, and accomplished little dance-wise (a four day holiday really doesn't help, nor does little sleep and a slightly strained shoulder) but had some good times. At first I really wasn't into London - I was overwhelmed my its size, business, and relative coldness/awkwardness of its people. Basically it was a shock coming from little Amsterdam, where I met lots of great people from all over the place (so I guess I can't claim anything about the Dutch openness vs. not), could walk anywhere, beautiful canals etc. However, London has grown on me. I'm not sure if its "my" city (I STILL never know which way to look for cars, very confusing), but I could see living here if need be. I didn't get a great feel for the dance scene because, well, I didn't really take class with professionals, but I have a feeling the dancing may be imbued with some of the daily "Britishness" that I have grown to love only from a distance (yes, that was not a positive comment...). It is also extermely expensive here - most things cost the same, but its POUNDS i.e. 1.7 US - almost double. And everything is different - the money, the plug outlets, the side of the street you drive on...that's all well and good, but I like how the rest of Europe operates on the same page, creating a relatively united feeling - Britain just doesn't really feel European. However, I haven't been to more than two other European countries, so what can I say. I apologize for my rambling, but I have little time to fix it!

But on to the POSITIVES. The area between the Tate Modern Museum next to the New Globe Theatre and St. Pauls Cathedral and surrounding is really lovely. The River Thames runs down the middle and you can really experience it by walking out onto the Millenium footbridge, which is relatively new. I actually saw a bridge VERY similar to this one, also connected to a museum, in a dream of mine some months to a year ago. Weird that I remember it (yes, I remember many dreams, which makes reality confusing at times). When I was standing under this bridge the dream image/feeling was just so vivid! Anyways, tangent. I didn't look at the art in the Tate, but the building itself is really interesting - large open space with sun coming through the windows in a lovely fashion. Their doing some building of a new section that should be interesting.

Then there is the Globe Theatre. I literally almost cried when I walked inside, I have such a love for its history and for theatre and for all the stories I've heard about it.... 5 pounds for "groundlings" tickets. I was standing the whole time, but WAY cool - elbows on the stage in the action, actors talking to you and almost hitting you with their swords - it adds some risk, which we need more of in our lives - we are far too safe, its almost like not living at all. At the old globe, there would have been pickpockets, and someone would have stolen my casually placed purse for sure; there would have been drunken fights in the crowd, it would have smelled, there would have been pigs blood squirting (although this was a romance, "All's Well that Ends Well"). It would have been a hard life, but somehow more enlivened and exciting. However, later that day I almost got myself hit by a motorcycle trying to find London Bridge Underground station, and though it was a rush, I am rather happy I don't come so close to death and difficulty every single day....

This area is also filled with parks - starting from around St. Pauls and extending beyond. Especially at the end of the day, this is a dreamy area where, well, dreamers like me can get lost in thought, musings, writing, postcards, photos, smelling flowers, eating/drinking chocolate and so on....London isn't all that bed, eh? (:

I planned to go to Barcelona next, but it is just too tight. I have to be in Rotterdam next weekend and though I could get TO Barcelona, returning was a problem. So, I booked a train from Paris to Switzerland! Lausanne is my first stop, next to Lake Geneva. I just want to be in a beautiful place, and hopefully dance some to prep for the audition, and I think Switzerland offers this. It is also near my Marblemount neighbor, Corina Salen's, family in South Germany (well, relatively close). I don't know if I'll make it there, but it would be great to see the origins of this lovely woman.

I leave for Paris in the morning and stay for two nights. My friend William Parry's family is graciously putting me up - he insisted on asking them and arranged it all for me (partly for language barrier reasons, but he is also a gentleman). I plan to see a show in Paris, though currently it says it is sold out, and hopefully just experience the city. Someone I met at the Zappala (Italian) audition in Amsterdam will be there also, so I can hang out with him too. Then its a morning train to Lausanne and who knows what in the land of the Franc.

I hope you are all well in the many places you are living: Seattle, San Francisco, Europe etc. To my San Francisco class: I sent a letter in the mail and hopefully it gets there for graduation! Just a post card, but it should arrive at Adam and Rachael's apartment within the week.

Much love from this dreamer in wonderland,


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